Beikou Low 90 (2017)
  • Brand:
    Low 90
    Bow Type:
    Low bow (200mm)
    90% carbon
    540 g
    Thanks to @Craggsy for sending us this Low 90 to review.


    The stick is 90% carbon, so it gives it a nice stiff feel that is solid, but not to stiff. Combined with the low bow, which allows you the do aerial skills very easily, the feel is amazing. The weight of the stick is also very light which makes it also very nice to use.


    Hitting with the Low 90 is probably our favorite aspect of this stick. When hitting the ball the stick provides an incredible amount of power. Even if you don't even hit the ball very hard you get amazing power from the stick. Controlling the height of the shot with the stick is also very easy.


    Dragflicking with the stick is very nice thanks to it low bow. The ball can roll of the stick easily and controlling the power and direction/accuracy is really easy.

    Aerialflicks and overheads are also very easy thanks to the low bow at 200mm. You get great control of the height and direction of the overhead and it is also really easy to get great distance with the overhead


    Hitting on the reverse with the Low 90 is very nice, as you get a lot of power and aiming is also really easy. Getting height with the reverse is also easy and upright reverse stick shots are also very nice.


    If you want a stick that has a lot of power when hitting and a great feel the the Low 90 is definitely a stick you need to pick up for yourself.

    Review video

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