Grays GR8000 Probow Xtreme
  • Brand:
    GR8000 Probow Xtreme
    Bow Type:
    Low bow (200mm)
    I recently brought a Grays Probow Xtreme GR8000

    £134 delivered, from Barrington sports. 37.5". I added a Gribbid Grip.

    Overall 9/10

    Hitting 9/10

    Hitting with this stick can be a dream, the ball pings off with power and precision. When you hit it right, you can barely feel that you've hit the ball. However, it loses a point because if you miss hit... this stick lets you know, more than any other stick I have used, it hurts. But that's my technique, so it only loses one point for that, also, negative reinforcement might help! Interestingly, Grays claim the balance point to be 38-39, mine was labelled as 40, slightly higher, which I prefer for hitting.

    Reverse 9/10
    This is where I find it interesting, reverse hitting is my thing, I'm a lefty which helps. The stick is extra flat on the reverse to aid that, as a result the ball flies off beautifully as with normal hitting - power, but you barely feel it, lovely. The flatness of that side has an effect that the ball rarely rises, this is great in some respects, it means you can absolutely smash it without lifting it into players. But it also means it is very difficult to get any height on your reverse hits. Saying that I did sneak one into the top corner the other day from 5 yards out... but it's just difficult - not that you often need to do that.

    Drag flicking 10/10
    With the max bow, rails, and a scooped face, and extra grip along the shaft and face, you won't beat it. My third attempt with it was the best drag I have ever done and I am improving with it with every use.

    Aerials 8/10
    Those same characteristics should help with aerials right? Well, they do. When catching it right I'd say it adds maybe 10% onto the length I get with an Uber Boomerwang and 20% on top of what I get with an LB9000 and Stinger. However, as typical of Grays sticks, it is a chunky monkey!!! Thinning that head slightly (as with the LB9000 and Boomerwang) would allow players to more easily get under it.

    Slapping 7/10
    It might just take some getting used to, but slapping is a little sketchy, it has a habbit of coming up high from a slap, not ideal, but it's not so often it's a pain. That will also make it good for those quick slaps a few yards out.

    Looks 8/10
    Looks nice, a little busy for me though. I think Grays should sleaken their design and also stop making all the sticks look so damn similar.

    The octagonal grip - not an issue, people harp on about, I personally don't feel much difference.
    Normal push passing is really nice, the ball just nestles into the stick so you can absolutely launch it if needed.
    It's a little firm, I'm fine with it, but might be better suited to the GR7000.