‘We want right people in hockey’

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    Thursday, March 18, 2010
    KARACHI: Former hockey Olympian Qamar Zia said that Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) President Qasim Zia’s offer of inducing the former Olympians in the selection matters of the hockey team would not sway them from their ‘Save Hockey’ campaign.

    One of the leading figures among the former Olympians who have stood to change the PHF setup after Pakistan team’s poor showing in the World Cup, Qamar Zia on Wednesday said that they would continue to struggle for the upliftment of the national game and bring in former greats in the PHF setup, who have immaculate past.

    “Qasim Zia’s offer of hiring Olympians would not move us from our mission and we would continue our country wide struggle for a major overhaul of PHF setup for the betterment of the game of hockey,†he said.

    More than 80 Olympians gathered on Sunday and demanded a resignation from PHF secretary Asif Bajwa and some changes in the PHF establishment.

    “Our three-day deadline would end tomorrow and we will resume our ‘Save Hockey’ campaign and would meet Pakistan prime minister and president to convince them to bring in some changes in the PHF so that hockey could come on the right track,†he said.

    “We only want right people working for Pakistan hockey so that we could see our national game flourish, once again.

    “It is very sad to see hockey in such a state and the passion to do something for it is the only reason that Olympians from all over the country have gathered,†he added.


    Finally some sense prevailing in Pakistan. I hope this struggle continues till all the rotten apples are removed where they don't belong.

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