A tribute to Alec Wright

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    Alec Wright was a man who lived his life according to his convictions. My first contact with Alec was during 1992. It was an accidental meeting because somebody mentioned to me that, over on the other side, of the Buffalos Sports Clubhouse was my counterpart, the President of the Border Hockey Union. I was at the Club for a cricket unity meeting. After being introduced to Alec he immediately enquired whether we could meet to discuss unity in hockey, as most of the other sporting codes were busy with such talks.

    “Oh’ if only we gave in to the exuberance that Alec displayed that nightâ€. But we were governed by the policies of our national bodies and had to follow their dictates. It took at least another frustrating year for Alec before we could get down to serious talks. He played a major part in getting all the parties together and to commit to a common constitution and bye-laws for a unified Border Hockey Association. I was the one that joked, that the unity between the men’s hockey sections went very smoothly within reason, but it took a little longer with the ladies sections. This was uttered in tribute to the tenacity of Alec who wanted to get on immediately with matters and issues of difference. He was committed to getting us together rather than us be apart.

    For his dedication in getting the show on the road, Alec was elected the first interim President of the now unified Border Hockey Association in 1993. His leadership qualities once again came to the fore when he rolled up his sleeves and got stuck into the task of leading an organisation where there was always doubt about the trust and commitment of all the parties. I remember only too well that we struggled to find a manager for our under 21 men’s team to the National Tournament and on the day prior to departure the President himself took on the job. This is the everlasting thought I have of Alec, an unselfish man. The legacy of Alec will live on in South African hockey for many years, particularly in the Border region.

    On retirement Alec and his wife Margaret, moved to Pretoria to once again enjoy the fruits of family hood, with sons John and Peter, whose careers and sport were firmly entrenched in the “Blue Countryâ€. It did not take long for Alec to once again roll up his sleeves in getting involved in hockey in Pretoria, assisting with the preparation of the facilities to doing tech table duty during not only club games but also when National tournaments were hosted in Pretoria. No job was seen by Alec as menial, if a job had to be done he was forever the willing one to perform it. I use to jokingly refer to Alec as a sucker for punishment. He had a love and passion for the sport and his services will be sorely missed. Even during spells of poor health he came out to watch club hockey.

    Much can be spoken or written about Alec Wright but to me he will always be a friend, a hockey enthusiast of note, but above all a “Gentlemanâ€. May your soul Rest in Peace, my friend. There is a huge void that needs to be filled on earth by your departure. I trust and pray that the memories of this departed hockey man, husband, father and grandfather gives solace to the Wright family. His rest with the Great Redeemer is well deserved.

    Charles K Smith

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