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Discussion in 'FHF Community' started by Folmer, Oct 2, 2017.

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    I recognise this site has to get its income from somewhere and it does deserve it. Therefore it is one of the few sites for which I have an add-blocker exception. Also because the adds were non-obtrusive, but now adds inside posts.... seriously ... :mad:
    Especially on a mobile phone this is very, very annoying. I'm seriously considering turning the add-blocker on now. :(
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    I'll try to find a way which is less obtrusive but at the same time worth it for the advertisers. I had a look on the way it looks on the forum and it's not so bad. I will experiment with better ad placement by being less in your face and at the same time people will find the link helpful.
  3. Nij

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    May 22, 2012
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    I'm okay with the idea of ads inside posts. It makes sense, it can ensure an audience for them, it means less space at the top interfering with broad functions.
    But the way it's been done, frustrating and daft.

    I've just begun reading a sentence, I am going to skip this silly picture in the middle and keep reading, and I won't scroll back up to see what it was trying to sell me.
    At the very least, put it in place of the gap between first and second paragraph, where the break is natural and where I've already enjoyed some content to make me feel it's worth looking at.

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