Adidas DF24 Compo 1

Discussion in 'Private Sale' started by lewijono, Nov 29, 2017.

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    I bought this stick toward the end of the summer and used it for about 4 summer league games so is in great condition.

    It is a 36.5L and anyone that has used this stick before will know how good there are. Great touch, powerful hits and superb for drag flicks and overheads.

    Reason I am selling it is I got a sponsorship from Gryphon at the beginning of this season so this stick just sits in the house not getting used which is a real shame.

    Don't have any pictures of my own at the moment as out at work but it is in superb condition and will upload photos tonight.

    Looking for about £130 just as it's been used so little but open to offers


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