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    Advertising policy
    Please note that we don't tolerate:
    - Spam
    - Advertising your product in other sections of the forum
    - Using a pseudonym to generate interest in your product
    - Misrepresentation of yourself, your advert or your item

    * You may advertise for players, coaches, clubs or kit
    * You may advertise a business you are associated with that sells or distributes goods that are primarily for the sport of field and indoor hockey
    * You may only advertise ONCE
    * Any post that is deemed by the moderators to be advertising that is placed in other boards of FHF will be moved to the adverts board
    * Posts that contravene this policy will be moved to the Trash
    * Members who persist in breaching these rules risk being banned from the forum or being required to provide an explanation as to why they should continue to be members of this forum;

    (any business who would like to sponsor FHF should PM Steve (admin) and discuss options for a permanent advert and placement for your product.

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