Big Ten Field Hockey and umpiring?

Discussion in 'United States' started by Rallybug, Nov 11, 2014.

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    Am I missing something, or are the FIH rules not entirely applicable to Big Ten field hockey?

    The prime one I'm seeing is rule 13.2a 'the ball must be stationary' when taking a free hit, center pass and putting the ball back into play.

    Watching the Northwestern @ Penn State game, and for probably 75% of free hits, the ball was moving when the player took the hit.

    Let alone the hook by PS #6 on NW #11 with just under 11 mins to go in the game - she was tracking back but behind #11 with her stick in a jab position, reaching towards that ball but about a yard away from it and caught #11's ankle and down she went - no foul called....
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    FIH interpretation doesn't require a dead stop on a free hit; rather some stopping motion that indicates to all on the pitch - umpires, defenders, etc. - from where the free hit is being taken. Whether this is what you saw or not is going to be up to your memory unless you link to video for the forum members to view.

    Most FIH rules are applicable in NCAA hockey AFAIK, but whether they are interpreted and applied correctly and in line with FIH practice is sometimes another matter.
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    And, after you're finished with those official modifications to the Rules of Hockey, if you're really interested, here's the (actual) rules as published by the FIH...

    The rules are a fun read, especially if it doesn't matter to you what is being allowed in the games. Here's a real fun part -- it's labeled APPLYING THE RULES and, get this, it actually says, right in the actual rule book...

    "Rule 13.2.a: ball stationary at a free hit. Umpires are sometimes not
    strict enough on requiring the ball to be stationary, albeit very briefly,
    for a free hit especially if it is taken using a self-pass."​

    If anyone has a link to the FIH interpretations, you know, especially the one that contradicts 13.2.a and that funny little point of emphasis, it would be great to have in this thread.

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