Dealing With Pressure Situations

Discussion in 'Goalie Zone' started by keeper2234, Jul 5, 2017.

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    Hi all,
    I have been selected in my regions top Under 18 side and was wondering how I should deal with the pressure of being in the side as I am only 16 playing in against guy 2 maybe 3 years older than me. I have noticed that the games I play for my club and school team are at a next level compared to the level that I play at for my region, although the level for club and school is a lot lower than that of the regional teams. I seem to always make basic mistakes when I'm on the turf, which isn't too often during games as I am the number 2, and I don't want to affect my chances of playing for the team for the next 3 years as I am only 16 in a Under 18 team. However I was wondering how should I handle the pressure at this level and considering that I haven't played my best games for this team.
    Any opinions will help massively,
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    Don't spend your time on the field worrying that you might make a mistake.
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    Don't take the past mistakes on the field with you, go with a clean slate.
    If you think about all the mistakes you have made you will try too hard to combat them and end up making other mistakes.
    I played for my county 2yrs above my age and played every game on its merit... if you make a mistake fotget it and move on... we are all human, even pros make mistakes.
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