Defending Baseline Attack Left vs. Right

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    We've had a bit of debate about training against a left versus right baseline attack. On the right we've been working the players to channel the attacker to the line with a defender posted just outside the circle ready for the cross. On the left we've had a defender standing between goal and the attacker, ready to block tackle a cross or hard pass, but not coming out to engage and another defender closing out the back pass out and ready to pick up a pass coming from the block.

    Is this the right response or should we be coming out to engage left as well? Mind you, this is a u19 high school team.
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    Interesting one.

    This is great that your debating about this kind of defending in a U19 high school team!

    For me personally I think both these pockets of the pitch are hot zones to win the ball back so I would continue with the defender blocking the pass out.

    As for engaging on the left side I would rather the attacking player dribble down the baseline and the defender engage carefully protecting their feet and the 90 degree ball than shell a ball down the weak side of defenders, especially in the D situation. If you engage the player down the baseline their head should stay down looking at the ball and you'll be able to squeeze them against the baseline and the keeper.
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    As @TheThinkingCoach has said, final 3rd defence is a hot zone - so where possible, defend outside the circle! I like aggressive defending, so closing down early to pressure the ball carrier, both sides of the pitch. But the angle you close down must allow you to defend the line to goal, and stay in the 1v1 for as long as possible (so not get eliminated early), so footwork and body shape is pretty important here!

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