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Discussion in 'Europe' started by Frank183, Oct 6, 2015.

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    Hey guys,

    being a 46 y/o goalie I'm considering to quit playing league games next summer. But I'd love to go more to fun tournaments all over Europe as long as travel would be some how convenient. Antibes and Bordeaux are events I'm definetely looking at.

    I'm trying to build up a "tournament only" team, but I'm not sure how far I will get.

    So ... can anybody suggest a tournament where you can go as a single player or maybe with just a handful of people and join a (pickup) team ?

    Social side of the tournament should be most important but I would prefer to play with/against decent hockey players. As in, learned to play hockey as a kid and have a little bit of league experience. Level not so important, but frankly - as a GK it's just no fun to play with beginners.

    Men's only or mixed doesn't matter. Age of players should average around 30-60.

    As I said, social side should be nice which would include to have a beer or two during the day and some more for the party, but please no binge drinking. Especially during the day. I once was on a tournament where for our second game of the day at 2pm most players showed up in thongs and had to lean on their hockey sticks because they couldn't stand any more. BTW, 3rd game had to be postponed. I don't need that kind of *fun*, you know ...

    So, any suggestions very welcome !!!

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