Football trials sin bin for dissent

Discussion in 'On the bench' started by Diligent, Aug 18, 2017.

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    After FIFA allowed national associations to vary rules/regs at local level*, the English FA announced in May that they'd trial the idea of a sin bin, for 10 minutes, for dissent not playing offences, starting at grass roots. Some 30 local leagues, out of 130 or so, have decided to give it a go.

    One of the announcements is here. Google finds plenty of discussion in the papers and in football circles.

    As usual, there are plenty of 'reasons' why it wont work: it'll need a 4th official; etc. But we will see.

    Edit to add: as background to *, from the Gloucestershire FA on 30/6/17: “When Sepp Blatter was FIFA president he wanted laws to be the same for all across the world, but there’s recognition now that tweaks can be made to suit individual nations or local football.”
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    Nice to see them catching up but it will take at least 10 years for football to be in the modern world with all the other sports.

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