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    Date Team 1 Team 2 Location Bully Off
    Week 1
    4-Jan (Thu) Hyderabad Sultans Chennai Veerans Chennai 19:45
    5-Jan (Fri) Chandigarh Dynamos Sher-e-Jalandhar Chennai 14:30
    5-Jan (Fri) Maratha Warriors Bangalore Lions Chennai 19:00
    6-Jan (Sat) Orissa Steelers Chandigarh Dynamos Chennai 17:00
    6-Jan (Sat) Sher-e-Jalandhar Maratha Warriors Chennai 19:30
    7-Jan (Sun) Bangalore Lions Hyderabad Sultans Chennai 17:00
    7-Jan (Sun) Chennai Veerans Orissa Steelers Chennai 19:30
    Week 2
    8-Jan (Mon) Chandigarh Dynamos Maratha Warriors Chennai 14:30
    8-Jan (Mon) Sher-e-Jalandhar Bangalore Lions Chennai 19:00
    9-Jan (Tue) Maratha Warriors Hyderabad Sultans Chennai 19:00
    10-Jan (Wed) Bangalore Lions Chennai Veerans Chennai 19:00
    Week 3
    16-Jan (Tue) Hyderabad Sultans Orissa Steelers Chennai 19:00
    17-Jan (Wed) Chennai Veerans Chandigarh Dynamos Chennai 19:00
    18-Jan (Thu) Orissa Steelers Sher-e-Jalandhar Chennai 19:00
    Week 4
    24-Jan (Wed) Chandigarh Dynamos Bangalore Lions Chennai 19:00
    25-Jan (Thu) Sher E Jallandhar Hyderabad Sultans Chennai 19:00
    Week 5
    31-Jan (Wed) Maratha Warriors Chennai Veerans Chennai 19:00
    1-Feb (Thu) Bangalore Lions Orissa Steelers Chennai 19:00
    2-Feb (Fri) Hyderabad Sultans Chandigarh Dynamos Chennai 19:00
    4-Feb (Sun) Chennai Veerans Sher-e-Jalandhar Chennai 17:00
    4-Feb (Sun) Orissa Steelers Maratha Warriors Chennai 19:30
    Week 6
    11-Feb (Sun) Chandigarh Dynamos Sher-e-Jalandhar Chandigarh 19:00
    12-Feb (Mon) Sher-e-Jalandhar Maratha Warriors Chandigarh 19:00
    13-Feb (Tue) Maratha Warriors Bangalore Lions Chandigarh 19:00
    14-Feb (Wed) Bangalore Lions Hyderabad Sultans Chandigarh 19:00
    15-Feb (Thu) Bangalore Lions Hyderabad Sultans Chandigarh 19:00
    16-Feb (Fri) Hyderabad Sultans Chennai Veerans Chandigarh 19:00
    16-Feb (Fri) Chennai Veerans Orissa Steelers Chandigarh 19:00
    17-Feb (Sat) Orissa Steelers Maratha Warriors Chandigarh 17:00
    17-Feb (Sat) Sher-e-Jalandhar Hyderabad Sultans Chandigarh 19:30
    18-Feb (Sun) Chandigarh Dynamos Bangalore Lions Chandigarh 17:00
    18-Feb (Sun) Maratha Warriors Chennai Veerans Chandigarh 19:30
    Week 7
    19-Feb (Mon) Hyderabad Sultans Chandigarh Dynamos Chandigarh 19:00
    20-Feb (Tue) Bangalore Lions Orissa Steelers Chandigarh 19:00
    21-Feb (Wed) Chennai Veerans Sher-e-Jalandhar Chandigarh 19:00
    22-Feb (Thu) Orissa Steelers Chandigarh Dynamos Chandigarh 19:00
    23-Feb (Fri) Bangalore Lions Chennai Veerans Chandigarh 19:00
    25-Feb (Sat) Maratha Warriors Hyderabad Sultans Chandigarh 14:30
    25-Feb (Sat) Chennai Veerans Chandigarh Dynamos Chandigarh 17:00
    Week 8
    26-Feb (Sat) Orissa Steelers Sher-e-Jalandhar Chandigarh 19:00
    27-Feb (Sun) Chandigarh Dynamos Maratha Warriors Chandigarh 19:00
    27-Feb (Sun) Sher-e-Jalandhar Bangalore Lions Chandigarh 19:00
    1-Mar (Thu) Hyderabad Sultans Orissa Steelers Chandigarh 19:00
    Finals Weekend
    2-Mar (Fri) Team 1 Team 2 Chandigarh 19:00
    4-Mar (Sun) Team 1 Team 2 Chandigarh 19:00
    5-Mar (Mon) Team 1 Team 2 Chandigarh 19:00
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    Reading the game schedule; league articles; how players are allocated into teams etc.......

    I wonder if the PHL teams had proper and solid training sessions prior to the league? (or even during the league duration)
    I doubt the foreign players had enough time to blend in with their teammates in "training". e.g. Cassas straightaway play for his team upon arrival.

    Perhaps an innovation in one sense (4 quarters, time outs, one against one shootout) But do the players and fans really develop a sense of club affiliation in this league? How does the local fan and players gain the actual benefit?

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