German Bundesliga

Discussion in 'Online Video' started by wcbc123, Apr 14, 2012.

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    wcbc123 FHF Regular Player

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    Came across this on youtube this morning.

    UHC Hamburg vs Berliner on 30th Mar

    Probably best played on mute due to the awful music selection.

    ps. And there was me thinking Bundesliga games would be like Hoofdklasse ones with massive crowds. There can't be many more people there than at Reading or EG. I suppose it does look bloody freezing though.
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    Jacob0507 FHF Top Player

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    A good find there, and you're right it doesn't look like the conditions were very crowd friendly!
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    hot shot viks FHF Legend

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    the video's you are watching are also on .. plenty more there ( and also worth suscribing to sportsvideomanhh as he sometimes adds some on youtube that aren't on the website!)

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    JiMMM FHF Regular Player

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    Thamks for the link Viks
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    david john FHF Newbie

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    Good Share, Thanks for it, i will download it from youtube to watch it later

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