GK's rights, team etiquette and manners?

Discussion in 'Goalie Zone' started by Annw, Nov 29, 2017.

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    Hi GK's and Coaches etc,

    I was wondering what views you all had or whether I was some alien being alone in thinking and wondering why coaches and teams just leave the pitch at the end of the game without waiting for the keeper to de kit and walk off together - is this polite and in team sprint good sportsmanship? I've seen in in Holland and the UK.

    If the GK did that - the team let alone the coach wouldn't stand for it!

    In my opinion the GK is the keeper and the guardian of the goal and raiser of the standard of the game! Best outfield players will meet/play best teams and the keepers most successful in goal will eventually be the decideds of the game in GOAL like Maddie in the Olympics in 2016....

    Nothing changes or progresses without someone standing up for themselves!

    Any views? Should coaches change this perspective and get the outfield players or at least the back - defenders to stay with the keeper for 2 minutes ?
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    I think that depends on the goalkeeper, personally, I like the time to reflect on the game before the inevitable post-match debrief. I don't find it bad manners at all, I just enjoy the peace and quiet.
    If its an under 9s, 11s, 13s, 18s then yes someone should be there but that is Safe Guarding Policy not sportsmanship/politeness
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    Western Australia
    I find it handy that inevitably somebody has been to the bar and bought the first round before I get there.
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    I walk off the pitch with rest of team, take kit off while we're all sitting behind the dugout discussing things. Or wander off to mutter to myself about the game if required.

    If I'm coaching juniors, whole team will leave the pitch and sit down for a chat, goalie included. They can take kit off while we all talk.

    Got no problems if team heads for the bar or wherever and leaves me to get changed by myself.
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  5. Folmer

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    As @AndyGaut said, if I were to coach any junior team I'd insist on waiting and have some teammates help carry the bag. They're a team, all of them, and they need to know that.

    As a GK I usually take a shower after the match. Since I'm on my own there, I also don't mind walking to the clubhouse alone too much. Prefer to walk together, which is usually not a problem as there is always some post-match talk in the dug-out and we do a cooling-down lap giving the GK ample time to de-kit.
  6. nemo

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    At current team we always have a team chat at end of game after the usual handshakes with opposition and umpires , but as our changing facilities are less than adequate I tend to kit off on the sidelines shoot home for a quick shower then head to pub for team curry and drinks.
    At a previous club the clubhouse wasn't at the actual pitch no one ever took the time to tell or show me where it was so inevitably I used the sports ground facilities alone then went straight home .....one of the many reasons I left that club ( and I did ask where the club house was once and the captain said he would wait for me to de kit .....never happened )
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    On the few occasions I end up between the sticks these days, by the time my team has warmed down I'm walking across the pitch with my kit packed away waiting for them......
  8. Boots1994

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    Jul 7, 2017
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    My old team (I wasn't the keeper) I made sure I waited for our keeper to dekit and generally most of the team would too if we finished warm down first. My current team where I am the keeper I often find myself alone at the end of the game which can be a bit disheartening when the entire team leaves together and I'm left alone, not helped by the fact where our teas are is 10minutes drive away and I didn't know where it was the first few weeks of the season as no one bothered to tell me :/
  9. broadstone

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    I think a huge amount depends on the club and team you are playing for but in my experience I tend to exist on the outer edges of a hockey club as a keeper or player, often enough because I travel to train and play and miss teas and social aspects because I live too far away. as a keeper this was much worse because I tended to not be able to chat while waiting to be in a drill and was less involved.

    As a fieldie this season I’ve founded that I’ve got to know a few of the lads a bit better but this may also be because they are all very friendly and actually seem to take an interest in who they are playing alongside! This is quite different to various clubs I’ve played for where I don’t think I ever had a decent conversation with anyone who wasent a keeper
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    I notice this with my daughter, she is the one left packing up and e eryone is gone. Not so bad on an away match, as we usually go with her - size of kit in the car - and take a couple of other players. School school games are horrid, they just walk away.

    I think it’s important for coaches and teachers to encourage the team to wait for the goalie.
  11. mbray

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    The keeper is so important to the team - don't neglect them. At my school, we celebrate the keepers weekly - often they are players of the match (says a lot for the defence!) but the culture of their importance and skill is very much in the front of everyone's mind. I wouldn't have it any other way!

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