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Discussion in 'General Hockey Chit-Chat' started by Kilmory, May 24, 2006.

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    Please note that we don't tolerate:
    -Advertise your product more then once (Must be done in the adverts area)
    -Abusive Language

    Good: Constructive, well thought out, meaningful.
    Bad: Offensive, flamebait.
    Bad: Don't use leet speak, shorthand or excessive caps or punctuation.
    Bad: Don't overdo the color/sizes. An entire post in size 4 magenta is not a nice. Be careful with colours: there are different coloured backgrounds and it may blend in.
    Very bad: Warez, porn, illegal stuff. Anything that would be considered 18+
    Just plain annoying: Don't quote an entire post to add a couple of lines.

    Admin/moderators reserve the right to edit or delete any posts or signatures, avatars or profile pictures if necessary. A reason will always be delivered to you in some way.

    Apart from that we are here to share ideas and have some fun.

    So don't just read it, write it!
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