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Discussion in 'Europe' started by Gocu, Jan 2, 2007.

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    Gocu, could you send me an e-mail please ( I coach at a school in England and would like to discuss a few ideas with you

    Many Thanks,

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    Ben. Noone was interested in this idea:(

    Coming back to polish topic...

    Poland managed to stay in Champions Challenge I - mostly because of sick rules which helped us to stay... 4 defeats, 1 draw and 6 th. place;)
    Polish club team (Grunwald Poznan) won't play in Indoor Club Championship because national team prepares to London 2012 Qualification tournament ...
    Polish national team will play in European indoor championship of group "B"...

    After first round of polish league Grunwald Poznan few points in front of Pomorzanin Torun...
    Few more players from national team decided to play abroad - Michal Nowakowski in Eindhoven, Lukasz Domachowski in Spain (Gran Canaria), and Mateusz Siejkowski in Post SV.

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