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  1. NicfromSweden

    NicfromSweden FHF Staff Staff Member

    hi just for fun i tryed to search for "landhockey" (fieldhockey) on a swedish trading site and i found fieldhockey trading cards
    these are signed and everything by Britta von Livonius, Janine Beermann and Martina Heinlein
    i have never seen anything like this before have you?
    they cost around 5 euro + shipping and they sell to international buyers so if anyone is intressted
    i would but them if i knew where to get more cards and it would be fun to be able to get players from other nations as well
  2. Oli

    Oli FHF Regular Player

    Hi Nic,

    I've seen the German players have cards like these and sign them (Natasha Keller and Fanny Rinne were getting through plenty) They were giving them out at the women's World Cup in Spain a few years ago.

    England Hockey produced a card of the women's England team, which all the players pictured signed... But this was reproduced and I'm assuming those ones were actually signed by the players.
  3. johncoxon

    johncoxon FHF Legend

    Yep. The Usa national team has them and they sign them. Be nice if EH Hockey did the same.
  4. NicfromSweden

    NicfromSweden FHF Staff Staff Member

    it would be nice if all hockeyfederations could agree to use the same style so you could collect players from different countrys like in iceockey cards
  5. TOTC

    TOTC FHF Regular Player

    You could get field hockey players in the Upper Deck 1996 Olympic set, and there were field hockey players in the massive Canadian Olympic set of that same year.

    Field hockey players could also be found in the Sports Illustrated For Kids die-cut sets (such as 1984 Olympian Sheryl Johnson).
  6. Hargo14


    Don't know about cards but i recently helped at a hockey festival and they were giving away packs of stickers with famous hockey players on them from all around the world. They had name, age, country and a picture and flag thing on each.
    You could get basically any country that played and most of the players but admittidaly there were more english ones than any other country.
  7. redumpire

    redumpire FHF Legend Staff Member

    I've got a fantastic set of playing cards that were produced by the Dutch Hockey Federation (KNHB) a few years ago, that I was given by a Dutch TD (Frank van 't Hek) at a tournament. They feature famous Dutch players and umpires from down the years. They were a nice gift.
  8. KarenOdye


    Well I am looking for hockey trading cards Is there anyone that may be able to help me out?

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