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Discussion in 'Holland' started by Spam, Sep 29, 2008.

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    Hi guys,

    For any of you interested, you can go to this site, http://www.hockeyweekly.nl , to see the full teams of both the women and the men hoofdklasse teams. Just go to the site and scroll to the 10-11 page and you will see a two page article showing all the teams.

    I found this quite interesting not only to see all the amount of internationals in the hoofdklasse ( because there are really alot there!), but also because I'm playing hockey at Klein Zwitserland for this 2008-2009 season in a gap year that I'm taking. Thus I will be trying to watch all of Klein Zwitserland's home games, so I can watch all these top players in action! So far I have seen Bloemendal in action with Jamie Dwyer, Teun de Nooijer and about 7 other Dutch internationals in the team I heard!! Klein Zwitserland did lose 4-0 unfortunately, but it was still awesome to see such good hockey and brilliant players in action!

    I cant wait for when teams like Amsterdam and Lauren come to play at Klein Zwitersland's fields!! :yes: :p

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    which place of holland you come from in holland? i plaed a season in Brabant at Oosterhout in tweede class outdoor and 1st klasse indoor.
    I also played with the reserve second team and got champion that year and got promoted to overgangklasse (reserve team)

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