Is this a bad idea for a 13 yr old?

Discussion in 'Goalie Zone' started by K8t, Sep 1, 2017.

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    I use a CK at National League level and would not change it for the world. It is light and fits extremely well, I forget I'm wearing it and have never shied away from a save through lack of confidence in my kit. I agree with other comments that safety must be paramount, especially when at 13 still learning/experimenting with new techniques. I have a son who has shown an interest in GK ( although he is too young yet!) and if he wanted the CK I would give serious consideration to this, although not to say he would definitely get it! It is important the helmet fits and the user is confident in it.

    There is no hard and fast rule to what you need, there are so many options you will be best trying various styles. In my opinion the PE will be sufficient up until high level hockey, but what is £150 more for protection of the head??
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    Thank you everyone, so helpful and interesting to hear the comments.

    The clip is really useful too. The PE seemed to have a smaller piece on the back of the head that the CK which I worried about being vulnerable. I'm probably used to seeing the whole of her head encased with the one she has now.

    We haven't bought anything yet, still dithering and Club said last week, they have purchased a helmet for her, they haven't said which one, so I think we shall wait and see what arrives.

    Thank you for the offer of a helmet, I will message you if I can, I will wait to see what turns up at club, but may take you up on the offer, she would love the idea of customing her own, no doubt it would be orange!

    Very proud of her today, she has made the hockey team for her year and the year above, she can now get the coveted team kit with her name on!
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    I have two Carbon OBO helmets - one relatively new and one of the "Custom" ones. The other one is quite old but I stripped it and relacquered it with all new parts. I wear that one because it is quite a lot lighter than the newer one. I have found that the protection is good for my play, most impacts being on the cage. I have found that the heavier helmet caused me more head and especially neck problems particularly when hitting the ground - probably whiplash as much as anything. So fit, comfort and lightness are my deciding factors, assuming, of course a decent level of protection. We use PE helmets for our 13 year olds at school and the 'keepers are well protected and comfortable in those. Most play club hockey as well as school.
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    A bit late to the party I have a CK and play(ed) at the lowest possible level of league hockey in this area. I have had many helmets over the years and this without a shadow of a doubt is the most comfortable helmet I have ever owned. I am not playing this season but will not part with it until I have decided whether or not I will play again.

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