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Discussion in 'Business Sale' started by steve, Dec 18, 2012.

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    Dear all,

    This weekend I received a nasty email from the managing director of Hockey Factory Shop Ltd. (UK), Mr. Sean Cayless asking me to take down a thread (Which just had mixed opinions about the legitimacy of Hockey Factory Shop Ltd.) one of our members had posted way back in August.

    Being the nice guy which I am, I agreed to remove the thread but also remove any other threads which actually promote Hockey Factory Shop.

    I'm not going to copy and paste the whole email which I received but Mr. Sean Cayless made it very clear that Hockey Factory Shop Ltd. do not like the thread and unless I remove it there and then they would take legal procedure.

    At this day and age, social media plays a big part in customer relationship and can actually provide a fantastic platform in building a successful relationship with people who are interested in your products. It's a shame that an opportunity to interact with customers and potential ones was passed over like this.

    Anyway, that's all from me on this subject and please... from now onwards no mention of the Hockey Factory Shop ;)

    best Christmas wishes,
    Steve Cachia
    Field Hockey Forum
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