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    Jan 18, 2018
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    My name is Roel van Maastrigt, age 28, Graduated from CIOS (Sports & Management) and just finished my thesis for my bachelor of psychology, specialism training & coaching.

    I am looking for a coaching job outside the Netherlands in order experience foreign (sport) cultures and pass over my hockey experience

    Momentarily I’m training and coaching the u16 boys from HC Den Bosch and work as a field trainer for Union Dames 1 and work for the Dutch KNHB as trainer/coach u15 district (south) girls. I do have Over 10 years’ experience as field hockey coach, mainly high performance level. (f.i. HC Den Bosch girls U14, girls U18, boys U16, MOP girls U18, ML Hockeyschool, KNHB trainer southern district, girls U15 & U16. )

    If you have or know a club / school who is looking for a (high performance) coach, please don't hesitate to make contact so maybe we can help each other !

    Kind regards,

    Roel van Maastrigt

    email : roelvanmaastrigt@live.nl


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