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    This is a very simple training (for the U/14's) but it has a great effect.

    Most games are won by the number of loose ball won therefore this exercise is essential!!

    Step 1. draw two parallel lines of 4 meters distance
    Step 2. two players facing each other on the parallel lines
    Step 3. Put a ball in the middle (2 metres distance)
    Step 4. by making a visual sign the two players have to reach the ball before the other one.


    Execution: the winner is the player who reaches the the ball first and put it behind him.

    As I said it is a very simple training but it improves:
    1. strength
    2. tackling
    3. vision
    4. technique

    It is important to use a visual sign so that the players have to look up before executing the 'reach'.
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