Mazon BlackMagic Hook L-Bow (37.5)

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    Hey everyone,

    I'm selling this stick as it’s a fraction too heavy for me. Having said this, it’s only 540g at 390mm, which is perfect for most people as a standard “light” weight, and I’m after a slightly lower bow. This isn't to say that it's "heavy" by most people's standards. When I told @BlindGoalie613 about its weight, he laughed at me for being soft, which I won't dispute. I'm just super picky.

    That said, it's a beautiful stick. It plays a lot like the 360 L-Bow, and hits the ball like a train. Would love to play with one if it were 10-20g lighter.

    I'm sticking up some pictures as well; as you can see, it's barely been used.

    Price negotiable, but looking for around £90.

    95% Carbon, so nice and stiff with the classic Mazon feel. I’ve had a lot of positive comments about the touch of the stick from teammates, so save a bit of money and go for this over a Ritual or LX24.

    RRP £220, bought for less as sponsored. But need to recoup as I’m a poor student.

    EC3A599E-E0C0-4E84-A50C-703ED225188E.jpeg 5F6A386A-967E-41F5-ADC8-C71361C1E13C.jpeg 87710785-83BC-4E02-BF81-F8B5C60B4CF3.jpeg
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