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    There are online courses offered in different regions. This would be a great place to list them. Perhaps "Online courses" and "In-person course" might be appropriate subcategories in Umpire Development. I created an online course last September (available at after getting close to two decades of in-person course presenting. Invariably, multiple people each year would say, "I can't get there then. Are you offering it later/earlier in the season?" Scheduling when you can take the course being offered created an instructional roadblock between getting the umpires we need in our sport. I already have more students in my online class than in the last four years of teaching the same material at a local community college -- with far greater reach (more than a dozen USA states and one student from Uganda). With an online course, the student schedules and completes it at their convenience, and with suitable technology, on their computer, tablet, or smartphone. Having a course available online also helps in-person presenters because they can focus their time and energy on real world, on-field coaching. In fact, there are already two regional umpire associations that require their students to take my online course before showing up for on-field training. Now they don't have to worry about booking a classroom, picking the best dates and times to offer the course, lengthy academic discussions about this and that rule, or having to tell people, "No. We don't offer the course when you get back from vacation."

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