Osaka grip thickness.... too thick?

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    Just picked up a new Osaka 3PTO which is great however I find the grips on this years Osaka range very thick. Personally I find it too thick to put a chamois over (which is a problem as it never stops raining in Ireland!). Anyone else find the same?

    Considering replacing the grip but worried about messing with the foam underneath. If I do replace it, can anyone recommend a decent "thin" grip to use?
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    adidas gauze is thin
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    As far as I know from sticks that I have seen (last Osaka one was a few months ago) both the Mercian and Osaka sticks that have a foam under-layer have it very well bonded to the shaft of the stick. You have to in order for the multiple layers not to slip on each other. The issue is that getting it off makes a mess! It can be removed but you will need a sharp knife and patience. Even trying to get the upper grip off and leave the foam is a very delicate task.

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