Pakistan should abondon international hockey

Discussion in 'Pakistan' started by asrar737, Sep 13, 2006.

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    Here's how you recover:

    Sack the board, not a couple, no blame game, just the whole damn lot
    Locate people who understand high performance sport, look outside hockey if you need to
    Create a target, funded, 10 year plan
    Redefine success against your 10 year plan and not by winning tournaments
    Slowly and by hard, focused and interference free you will achieve

    Worked for England

    However, you can revert to type, blame everyone, your board can sack some players and coaches before anyone starts asking awkward questions about how the board is run and how much money they've wasted on junkets and supply contracts for their friends and family and how much they interfered with team selection and have a dirty great flounce, blaming everyone else for your own mis-management

    Ta Da!

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