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Discussion in 'Premier Hockey League' started by pun9ab1, Dec 25, 2008.

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    well guys it's almost January and so far there is no sign of PHL anytime soon so I decided to e-mail couple of people in the circle and got some information about the fate of PHL in 2009.

    Yahoo reported a month back that PHL was not being held in January but much later. They predict March or April.

    here is what the Editor told me: "Now because an Ad-hoc Committee is running hockey, other stake holders in the PHL decided to wait till the IHF issues are settled. As KPS GIll has gone to courts against his dissolution, which is likely to hear the case again on Feb 4, the PHL has gone into limbo."

    and we know how Indian court system works so I estimate that PHL will likely be held in Summer if we are lucky. :(

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