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Discussion in 'On the bench' started by woodpecker, Jun 19, 2008.

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    Hey all!
    Need to organise the pub crawl for my hockey club this year and I was after some catchy phrases/slogans to put on the t-shirts this year.
    Last year the phrase was "Why walk when you can crawl?"
    others include "I'm on a drinking team with a hockey habit"
    "Time is never wasted, when you're wasted all the time"
    The t-shirt must have on it the pubs that we go to and the WHC symbol or logo (Woodville Hockey Club)

    Any ideas?
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    I thought I would add one idea I could remember.

    "If upside down please return to ..............Hockey Club."

    Probably best placed on the back of the shirt.

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    philthy FHF Legend

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    Go Hard or Go Home is always a perennial favourite...
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    "The Department of Health advises that men should not drink more than three to four units of alcohol per day" with day scribled out and PUB handwritten in large letters.

    Not that I would condon Binge drinking in anyway. (I'm too old now. :()
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    Moody_Git FHF Regular Player

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    If lost, please return to pub.

    Screenprint the list of pubs as a table/checklist so that you can strike them off and keep score as you go around town safe in the knowledge that you won't lose any of your cohorts.
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    nerd_is_the_word FHF Legend

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    couple of variants on those ones:
    put 'if you can read this return me to ______ hockey club" upside down

    in the middle of the checklist of pubs put things such as "throw up in gutter" "big greasy kebab/burger" and the likes.

    the name woodsville makes me think of the woodstock slogan "crack a woody" so if you could work with that a little it might turn out well.

    or ones such as 'hockey players have massive sticks' for the guys and 'hockey players love playing with balls' for the girls
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    John FHF Legend

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    Warning, contains 100% keg lager/cask ale etc. or as I did for a stag (although I stole the idea from a mate) do 14 shirts with I'm with horrible on the front, one shirt ina grim colour with I am horrible on it.
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    I'm not drunk if i;m still drinking,

    Need money for alcohol research

    Beer kills the weak brain cells. This is why you seem smarter when you drink

    I am not drunk. I'm just chemically off balance

    You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on.

    Everyone needs something to believe in. I believe I need another beer.

    One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.

    I am not an alcoholic. I am drunk. Alcoholics go to meetings.

    Can I buy you a drink or do you just want the money?

    My liver is evil and should be punished.

    Could you come back in a few beers?

    Instant idiot just add alcohol.

    Re-hab is for quitters.

    Also available in sober.

    Take me drunk I'm home.

    Drunk 'n' Doughless

    Beer belly under construction.

    60mg of prozac keep me going
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    philthy FHF Legend

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    Drink Triple
    See Double
    Act Single
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    mspice61 FHF Regular Player

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    i have always been a fan of

    "I have a drink problem... 2 hands... one mouth"
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    great ideas so far! keep em coming
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    Paul Watts FHF Legend

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    I don't have a drink problem.....
    I drink, get drunk, fall down; No problem!!

    'Work is the curse of the drinking classes' Oscar Wilde?

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