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Discussion in 'Which stick? (includes Stick Reviews)' started by Greta, Jan 23, 2018.

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    I am thinking of getting a new stick and I am just trying to work out whether the ritual velocity 75 will be too stiff because of the carbon and whether I should go for the velocity 55 instead as I am a midfield/striker. I have read things saying that if there is more carbon and less fibreglass you have less feel for the ball, not as much of a soft touch and less flexibility. There were also some reviews on the 75 saying that it is hard to dribble with the stick and there were very few reviews on the 55. The 55 is made up of 55% carbon, 40% fibreglass and 5% kevlar while the 75 is made up 75% carbon, 20% fibreglass and 5% kevlar. If anyone has any opinions on either stick please let me know :))
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    Hi Greta, welcome to the forum.

    As for your stick conundrum.

    My advice would be to try both sticks (if possible).
    To see for yourself what you like more.

    ie: I would prefer the 75 over the 55.
    And I play midfleld/defence.

    Whereas another person may like the 55.

    Having owned a 95 Velocity, and having played a game with a team mate's 75, I would say the difference between the two is not as drastic as you'd think, feel wise.
    Having said that, thats between 95-75, and the 75-55 divide might be completely different.

    What stick did you use before/have now?
    And what did you like about it/want to change?

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