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Discussion in 'Business Sale' started by RussellButt, Jul 18, 2017.

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    Hey guys & girls,

    I'm helping a friend launch his brand in the UK. It is a company that has been making sticks in Sialkot for many years, but this will be their first dedicated appearance in the UK - albeit the presence will be pretty small.

    I have a selection of early design samples up for grabs at a very discounted price, in return for feedback.

    Currently there are four shapes, 19mm midbow, 24mm midbow, 24mm probow/lowbow & 24mm extra low bow. These come in three carbon contents: 50, 80 & 100%.
    (The shapes are going to change ahead of final production)

    Price to you guys would be 50, 60 & 70GBP respectively including shipping, but to the UK only.

    As these are pre-production, they're not for public review etc as the graphics need tweaking/refining. You'll be part of a small testing team.

    If you're interested, reply or DM me for more info of what's left / pics etc.


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