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    To: Indian Government and Hockey Federations

    This petition is FOR INDIAN HOCKEY. Through this petition, we, the Indian Hockey lovers, wish to achieve the following:

    Bring to the notice of the personnel in public offices of India (IHF, HI, SAI, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports) that the Indian Hockey coaching arena is in a crisis situation, i.e. the coach doesn’t have the freedom to select his team, his support staff, pick the captain and practice his ideas.

    A coach can’t deliver and be fairly evaluated under these circumstances. We demand that coach be given freedom to freely practice his ideas, support be offered to him and should be assigned longer term role, not only in principle but in practice as well.

    India has a great history of Hockey (officially: Field Hockey) and as remarked by World Hockey Fraternity, has unmatched talent in Hockey. Unfortunately, Indian Hockey has many problems: Factionalism, incompetent administration, zero accountability or transparency, interference in team functioning, vested interests amongst the fraternity and continuous blame game to name a few.

    Over the past decade, this has thoroughly affected the on-field performance of Indian team. Apart from the already mentioned reasons, one of the key reasons of the Hockey debacle is the mismanagement and ill-treatment of coaches by officials in public offices.

    Following is a common phenomenon in the Indian Hockey coaching arena (both men and women):
    • Selection Committee: India still follows the policy of selection process. Top ranked countries gave it up decades back.
    • Media interaction: Indian Coach can get orders from the officials anytime to stop interacting with media. There are no rules or precedents here.
    • No fixed tenure: There have been numerous instances where a Coach gets fired just before a tournament or immediately after a defeat.
    • Official’s Non-Cooperation: Australia won the World Cup under coach, Ric Charlesworth. Not long back, he had the similar role in India. He left frustrated, citing uncooperative administration as the reason. The current Men’s team also faces the same issue.
    • Interference in internal team matters: Recently, on a tour, a team of selectors was put on the job to select the playing 11, minutes before every match. This is not new.
    • Continuous criticism: Former star players, who are the pride of the nation, keep pulling down any one who is a coach. The officials just follow.

    Through this petition, we suggest to all its recipients, the following transformational measures:
    • Transparent Process of Coach Selection: Selection Process of coach should be a public and transparent process - Open invitation to all, selection on basis of merit, judging by competent people with proven ‘coaching credentials’.
    • Contract System: Recruitment of the coach should be only on a long term contract.
    • No Selection Committee: Coach should select the team and his/her support staff, too.
    • Facilities: Co-operation and support to the coach, both in form of facilities and attitude.
    • Media Interaction: Coach should be allowed to interact with media on Hockey related matters.
    • Talent hunt: Coach should be allowed to visit various domestic tournaments so that he/she can pick up potential talent.
    • Honor the contract: Promises in the contract should be kept.
    • Fair evaluation: Coach’s performance should be evaluated ONLY by people with proven “coaching credentialsâ€.

    Coaching related problems have existed in Indian Hockey forever. Through this petition we demand an honest attempt on the part of the concerned officials to stem the rot.

    Last but not the least; I request each and every one who reads this petition: Find the reality for yourself and then sign this petition. We have just narrated the facts.

    We will close this petition on 14th Sept. ’10. Thereafter, we will send it to Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Indian Hockey Federation (IHF), Hockey India (HI), various other sporting federations, media and other state federations. We sincerely hope that this will push the people to consider our recommendations. The follow-up and the received responses can be tracked on the following site:

    Let us, the general public, come together, make our voice heard and reach out to people in power and decision makers of Hockey and work towards improving the system.

    Disclaimer: People love Hockey for various reasons; some associate pride with it because it’s India’s national game. We are a group of people who just love Hockey. We earnestly wish that Hockey lives for a long time and dream of an India tomorrow where parents are excited about sending their children to the Hockey field.

    Additional Information: In May 2009, Jose M Brasa, a Spaniard, was appointed as Indian Hockey Coach, by Sports Ministry, on a contract (for the first time in the history of Indian Hockey) valid till Guangzhou Asian Games, Nov. ’10. Jose Brasa was the coach to 1992 Spanish Women Gold medal winning team. Experts believe and statistics reveal that he has brought about a steady positive change in Indian Hockey and shouldn’t be let go. However, yet again, few are aiming to repeat the history of shabby treatment to the Indian Hockey team Coach.

    Sd /-
    Shashank Gupta, Bangalore
    Dr. Shankar Kumar Chatterjee, Kolkata

    You can view this petition and sign it here
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    Everyone knows this is nowhere
    I trust you aren't holding your breath.
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    can play sub hockey. Nice thing but will it really help?
    even Jose Brasa is throwing the towel. He wun renew his contract at the end of november.

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