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Discussion in 'Scotland' started by EccyThump, May 3, 2012.

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    Hi All,

    Haven't posted on here in a long time but it looks like it's all been a bit inactive lately.

    The reason I've looked out my password is to try and get a feel of how other clubs have managed the rule brought in during the season just passed regarding only being able to fulfil umpiring commitments using umpires from either within your own club or from those who are on your list of named umpires.

    We've struggled a little with this when we've found ourselves in the position of our appointed umpire's availability changing, perhaps with short notice. In previous seasons, when we were in this situation, we normally looked to find a local replacement and would pay the going rate.

    I know this rule won't have presented much of a problem to the bigger clubs who often have dedicated umpires but we only field two teams and all our umpires are player/umpires. Our membership in the main is made up of young professionals and/or mothers who often work Saturday mornings or are to some extent 'on-call' or have families to look after. Roughly one third of our membership are 'c' badged but we really have struggled this season with finding someone from within our own ranks to fulfil every appointment, particularly when they are in Inverness or Aberdeen (we're central belt).

    Perhaps we're alone in finding this an issue so it would be helpful to know how other clubs have been coping with the system. We've been hearing stories that the universities have been shown some leniency and have been allowed to let people from other clubs fulfil their appointments and we've also heard that perhaps some clubs just don't bother making it clear that it's not someone from their list who has performed the task (although when we had a club member umpire who wasn't on our list, it was very quickly brought to our attention, so how anyone manages to sneak it passed the eagle-eyed committee, I'm not sure). Now that the season's closed and no-one is hopefully going to be deducted any points and behind the mask of relative anonymity, it would be really useful to get some advice on how to work the system, for lack of a better phrase. I suspect that we are sometimes a little too honest/rule following for our own good/sanity but I would be more than happy to be corrected on this.

    If you've been having similar problems to us, it would also be great to hear from you.

    Any help or feedback would be much appreciated.



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