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  1. murph

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    We've had SilverFX for the last 3 years (2 for me, I joined in year 2).

    The club is looking at options now the "deal" is up - The issue is as a club members want to keep the same design, which means we have to either A. Stick with same supplier or B. Make sure we have printed shirts.
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    Would like to warn against samurai and BLK, both take an age to arrive and not great communication from past experience at university hockey clubs.
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    My Uni has had problems with Rhino teamwear for custom playing kit, our women's teams used them this year and they got their kit just before their last game of the season. The custom leisure wear they do for us is really good though and takes a lot less time to be delivered, so they are a bit hit and miss. For our men's hockey team we ordered our kit from discount football kits and then the president took it all to a local printers who we have links with, they were very good. But we will be switching to EV2 sport from this coming September, they have a great online customisation tool

    My club uses Kukri, their stuff is very high quality but we did have problems when we initially ordered the kit, our 1st teams' kits arrived quickly but everyone else's took over a season to arrive!!!! All seems sorted now though! My club also used discount football kits for our tour shirts and a different local printer, again, very good.

    I can post pictures of it all if you like?
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    We're in Australia and we use Kukri for all our uniforms. You can customise it as you please and the quality is very good.

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