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Discussion in 'Adverts' started by James McLaughlin, Mar 20, 2017.

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    Hi all,

    Striking while the iron's hot as seasons are finishing around the country.

    We're a South Manchester-based family-focused club recruiting for the 2017/2018 season. We have three men's and three women's teams as well as a thriving junior section that have given the first steps to international players in the past.

    We don't have the extensive resources some national powerhouses have nearby but what we do have is fun and competitive hockey with a friendly face and strong social side as part of our wider multi-sports club.

    Our Men's 1s play (depending on a promotion playoff!) in the North West Division 1 down to our Men's 3s who play in Division 6.

    The Women's 1s play in the North League and the other two women's teams compete across Greater Manchester.

    There are a lot of families who play across the club sections and we pride ourselves on that inclusive family feel.

    If you're interested, we'll be running some relaxed mixed training sessions over Summer (date TBC) so message me and I'll keep you posted.
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    @HockeyPlayer10 your post gives the distinct impression you do not care about the level of hockey you play as long as you get paid. Is that right?

    May I suggest your last question is one you should be asking into a mirror.

    Good luck Urmston and good luck @James McLaughlin I fear you may be bombarded with CVs from internationals seeking "opportunities" now.
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    :D So much this!

    @James McLaughlin I'd suggest building social media & local press presence & refer a friend stuff if you aren't already all over that.

    As @Willowsacorns says, FHF unfortunately generates applications from folks with a misguided view of their ability to earn from amateur sport.

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