Veterans Hockey Festival. Bordeaux. France.May 2018

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    Bordeaux and Merignac HC organise in 2018 the veterans hockey festival of Chateaux (29 or 30th edition) It will be organized in Bordeaux on the Sat 19th, Sun 20th and Monday 21st May 2018.
    This tournament gathers veterans hockey teams (men and women) every year in Bordeaux at SAM HC near the airport.
    CATEGORIES : Open to veterans sides, men/women

    RULES : The sum of the ages of the 11 players on the field should totalize a minimum of 440 years : a sort of tolerance is accepted with a maximum of 2 players between 36 and 40 years for the men and a maximum of 3 players between 30 and 35 years for the women.
    Only 3 places left.

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