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    The Premier Hockey League (PHL) is a new domestic field hockey competition introduced in India. The tournament was initiated to revive the sport which lost spectator interest to cricket in recent times. Hockey is the nation's National Sport, with the country having won a record eight Olympic Gold medals and having lifted the World Cup once.

    The league is made up of one group, consisting of 7 teams. The format is revolutionary and encompasses many innovations such as shorter games, a theme song, and a television friendly format.

    One of the main reasons for the unpopularity of the existing domestic competition is the inclusions of dominant teams such as Indian Airlines, Punjab and Sind Bank which do not have a fan following. The PHL rectifies with the fielding of teams from traditional hockey bastions such as Bombay and Punjab.

    PHL will be played in Chennai and Chandigarh next year in 2007.


    Each match is viewed through twelve television cameras, to cover all possible angles. The matches in 2005 were played in Hyderabad's Gachibowli Stadium, with a new Astroturf being laid. All matches begin at eight in the evening to garner maximum television viewer ship.

    The prize money in 2005 was Rs 70 lakh (7 million), 30 lakh for the winner and 10 for the runner-up. All players would receive a participation fee.

    Hyderabad Sultans have won the Premier Hockey League title in 2005.

    In the Year 2006 for the second Edition of PHL Chandigarh Dynamos have moved to Tier 1 and Chennai Veerans Have dropped to Tier 2 also Bengal Tigers have lost their place to Orissa Stellars in Tier 2.

    Bangalore Hi-Fliers have been renamed themselves as Banglaore Lions.

    New features

    The fundamental aberration from the format of normal hockey games is the number of sessions. A normal 70 minute hockey game includes two sessions, each of 35 minutes each. The PHL has four sessions each of 17.5 minutes. This format is tailor made to include more advertising time in order to generate funds. Teams are allowed to take time-outs to chalk out new strategies during the course of the game.

    If the match is deadlocked after full-time, the number of players of each team is gradually reduced till a result is obtained. A win within full-time fetches three points, whereas a win after full-time fetches two points to the winning team and one to the losing team. Each team is also allowed to field up to five international players.


    There are 7 teams in the PHL:

    Hyderabad Sultans
    Maratha Warriors
    Bangalore Lions
    Chandigarh Dynamos
    Chennai Veerans
    Orissa Steelers

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